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Charlie Hare
Charlie Hare
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I am a middle-aged (can I still say that over 60?) male; married, retired.

I am currently enjoying my ‘2nd career/hobby’; writing and contributing various digital content items online through various sites and venues.

I enjoy composing music, writing song lyrics, poems, articles; creating graphic designs and digital illustrations; witty sayings and slogans; and much more.  I have built a number of blogs and websites, as well. 

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Campfire Content bannerVisit my Campfire Content blog-site for an overview of my various endeavors.  Includes numerous links to my other blogs and websites, and to most of the content I have submitted around the web (that I hold copyrights to - I also contribute to a few client-sites where they purchase copyrights).

I have compiled a few “How-To” e-books, as well; consisting of collections of some of my published writings, in handy e-book format.

My e-books, original music, graphics, and other digital content are available for purchase through my Campfire Content and other sites.

You can review them at my ‘Campfire Content at’ web-store, where you can also purchase them, if you wish to.

Some of my e-books are also available in Amazon Kindle(R) format, from my ‘Campfire Content at Amazon’ web-store.

I also love to create graphic designs for sale through such sites as

My zazzle store and, where you can purchase mugs, T-shirts (and other clothing), baseball-caps, mouse-pads, magnets, stationery, stickers, and many other items; imprinted with colorful, entertaining, even sometimes ‘witty’ images (and even some poetry!) that I’ve created; all by myself! (wow!)

Quing-It logo, iconVisit also my Quing-It website; where I am attempting to build a “one-stop-source for product ingredient information”.

My Quing-It website is intended to provide consumers with readily available information about a comprehensive variety of toxic and potentially hazardous-to-health ingredients in our foods, cosmetics, personal hygiene, household, automotive, building, and other products we use every day.

We must end the madness of contributing to our own general health demise with products we are exposed to; or that we ALLOW ourselves to be exposed to!

Manufacturers must be held accountable if they continue to add to ‘body-burden’ and other health damages.  It is not acceptable that these substances are allowed to be in our everyday products; even our foods!

Contact your government representatives; tell them it is time for accountability, transparency, honesty and integrity about the dangers and hazards of items that many unsuspecting people use every day.

When these exposures build up to critical levels, costly healthcare is needed to try to remedy what should never have happened in the first place, had our consumer goods been pure and safe, like they should be.

**NOTE - 4/5/10: I’m pleased to learn that has launched an iPhone(r) app for product and manufacturer information.  Simply scan the product identification symbol (i.e., barcode, etc.), and GoodGuide’s own rating system will let you know where the product and manufacturer stands; with regard to Health, Environment, and Social impacts.  Good job, GoodGuide!  Keep up the GoodGuide good work!

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