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Joined Bukisa in Feb 2010

I started writing on eHow in mid January 2010, and I made over $100 in my first full month. I made almost $100 in my second month. I really thought that eHow was my dream come true. Then came April, the month of the big eHow explosion… eHow changed writing platforms and will never be the same again. Even still, I made over $70 in April & $30 in May, and that is without even writing.

I was so upset about not being able to write for eHow anymore, that I haven’t written anything else since March… until today! I am still earning over $30 a month for my older articles on eHow, but it is time to get up & follow my dream again.

I hope to have a really great time here. I really miss all my friends on eHow, and I look forward to making as many friends on here as I can. I am also hoping that bukisa will turn out to be my dream come true now, instead of eHow. Feel free to read my articles there, too! :D

I am writing online for Factoidz, although most of my online articles are on List My Five.  Please check them out and leave a high five!

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