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About me
Joined Bukisa in Jun 2009

Elin Nordén - Stand up comedian, writer and filosopher.

Born in the north of Sweden and was obviously raised by polarbears and reindeers and our house was build of snow. Santa is my father.

Now living in the south of Sweden telling jokes about polarbears, reindeers and houses build of snow. Telling no jokes about Santa though because “thou shalt honor thy father and mother”. Talking about commandments, I had some problem with “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. I never saw any neighbours where we lived. And in December I did’nt see my father either. For me Christmas was never what it meant to be. But on the other hand I could sit in Santa’s knee rest of the year.

I do have some serious thoughts too and I will share those with you along with my crazy ones. Joyful reading!