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Michele Cameron Drew
Michele Cameron Drew
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Many know me as Angel or Angelfire, but my given name is Michele.

Born in 1966 on Boston’s North Shore, I grew up with the influence of a wonderfully cultured English grandmother who inspired me to study and emulate the classics in all genres of artistic expression. A musician as well an aspiring digital artist, with a great love for the written word, I have has been writing poetry, short stories, lyrics and music since childhood.

As well as being British, I am also one-fourth each Scottish, French and Native American(Chippewa/Ojibwe), which I believe has lent an interesting mix to my evolution in both artistic endeavors and as a human being.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my interests, check out my articles, or visit/follow me @ Poetic ExpressionBy Any Other NameFacebook, Twitter or Triond.

-Michele Cameron Drew