Sabudana khichdi/sago salad a healthy & tasty breakfast for kids!

Oct 4th, 2013
Sabudana khichdi is an Indian dish prepared with sago. It is good to served as breakfast because it is rich in starch. In India on the occassion of navratri we use it as a fasting food. It can be prepared very quickly.

Today I prepared Sabudana Kichadi/Sago Salad for my baby. It is very healthy and babies love it. This breakfast is good for adults too. Here is the recipe:

Sabudana khichadi/sago salad:


Sabudhana /Sago-1 cup

Potato-1 (cut into small pieces)

Roasted Peanuts-1/2 cup (coarsely crushed)

green peas-2tbs.

Onion- 1/2 (sliced)

Carrot- 1/2(cut into small pieces)

capsicum- 1/4 (cut into small pieces) (Optional, some babies don';t like it)

Salt- to taste

Oil- 1 tbs.

Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp

Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp

Curry leaves- 8-10

Green chilies- 1-2 (split it vertically, don';t cut it) (Optional, some babies don';t like it)

coriander/Cilantro/parsley- 10-15 leaves


1. Wash the sabudana/sago and soak it overnight (or at-least 2-3 hours). Before using the sabudana/sago, wash and drain for 2-3 times to get rid of the extra starch.

2. Heat oil in a pan, temper mustard seeds, cumin seeds. Now add chopped onions, green chilies and curry leaves and toss them for a few minutes.

3. Now add the potato pieces, carrot pieces, capsicum pieces and peas one-by-one. Cover it with a lid and cook untill all the vegetables got completely cooked.

4. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, if you like into the khichadi to have a nice yellow color (optional).

5. Next add the sabudana/sago and toss it for a few minutes.

6. Add salt to taste and mix everything.

7. Reduce the heat and cook it covered for about three minutes.

8. Add the crushed peanut and mix everything. Increase the heat and keep tossing for another two minutes.

9. Finally, add chopped coriander/cilantro into khichadi and switch off.

Hope you and your baby will like it.

Indu Kumari
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