Tips for Optimizing Revenue on Bukisa

Nov 11th, 2008
Optimizing revenue on Bukisa means two things: writing content and referring other writers and users to the site. Take advantage of Bukisa's several-tier income model to maximize your passive income with Bukisa.

Use Bukisa to Earn Residual Income Online

Wondering about optimizing revenue on Bukisa? Bukisa is a new but promising content and social networking website based on a revenue-sharing model that allows contributors to submit text, video, audio and slide show presentations and earn money based on page impressions.

Optimize Revenue on Bukisa: Content Submission

The first method for earning money on Bukisa is through submitting your own original work. Text contributions make up the largest section of Bukisa, and for most writers, that will be their primary focus. Keep these tips in mind when submitting written material to Bukisa:

  • Quality content is crucial. Peope won't read, link to or promote mediocre articles.
  • Relevant information is key -- stay on topic and up-to-date.
  • Make it searchable -- use the Title and Description fields.
  • Use good keywords (Wordtracker is great) for SEO purposes.

For video, audio, slide show and graphic submission, your text is especially important so that search engines know what the content is about. Use proper keywords and a good, solid description to improve the searchability of your material.

Optimize Revenue on Bukisa: Refer Friends

SInce Bukisa offers three tiers of earnings -- your articles, your referred user's articles, and their referralls' articles -- you need to take advantage of this structure to really be optimizing revenue on Bukisa. Use your Bukisa referral link, which you can find on your "My Bukisa" page, to add to your network. Post your link on your blog, social networking sites and in related articles on other sites.

Use the email invitation tool to invite people you think would be interested. Don't spam.

Continue writing articles and inviting friends. As you add to your content library and network, you'll see your earnings update in sync. As with anything, set a realistic weekly goal for content submission to stay on track and maximize your earnings.

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