How does the Moon’s Phases Affect You

Feb 28th, 2009
Could your Moods, Creativity and Personality be affected by the Moon? How does the Moon's Phases influence you?

The Moon is known to affect the ebb and flow of the tides and life on earth. It has been found, for instance, that oysters will adjust their shell openings to when the moon is directly overhead. The different phases of the moon affect the germination of seeds and the growth of plants. Bees are more active at New Moon and plant metabolism is at its highest at the time of a Full Moon. It is known too to affect the human menstruation cycle when many women find they have their periods at a New Moon or Full Moon.

Phases of the Moon

There are four key phases each month with an occasional fifth phase sometimes when a month is long and one of the phases falls close to its beginning or its end. These phase are the first quarter, full moon, last quarter and new moon. Their significance is the affect they have on our planet and perhaps on our personalities.

How can you tune into the lunar phases and work out how the Moon might affect you? By keeping a Moon Diary noting your moods, your energy cycles: physical, mental and emotional, your relationship patterns, and linking these with the different moon phases, you might see a pattern developing.

Questions to ask yourself during each Moon Phase are:

Are you more intuitive than usual? How you can tell this is by noting the impressions you get about the people around you: you might sense their moods and feelings. You might have vivid dreams in which case, write them down.

  • Are you restless, fidgety, uneasy or tense?
  • Are you feeling more energetic, wanting to do something physical even if its just housework?
  • Do you feel creatively inspired? Are you spending more time daydreaming than doing?
  • If you are an artist or poet, do the different phases of the Moon have an affect on your productivity or the content of your work?
  • Are relationships more harmonious at different times.  Do you get more argumentative or competitive at the time of a Full Moon, for instance?
  • Does your taste in food change throughout the month: do you yearn for chocolate, milk, daily products during the different phases?
  • Are there times when you are more thirsty than usual? What about your alcohol intake?
  • Do your feelings fluctuate throughout the month? Are there times when you are unaccountably happy or sad?

Start checking your moods and lifestyle with the different phases of the Moon and you could start understanding yourself and your relationships better.

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