Magagandang Tanawin sa Pilipinas

Oct 7th, 2010
Beautiful hotspot in the Philippines. list of famous hot spot in the Philippines

Magagandang Tanawin sa Pilipinas

List of Magagandang tanawin sa Pilipinas

Banaue Rice terraces

Mayon Vulcano


Chocolate hills




Kalesa in Dumaguete

Beautiful beaches in Palawan

SubterrianianRiverin Palawan

Mt.Apoin Davao

Hundred Islandin Pangasinan

El nido Palawan

Magangandang Tanawin is a tagalog term for beautiful hot spot in the Philippines. Well when I was elementary I remember that the most beautiful hot spot in the Philippinesis Banuae rice terraces and chololate Hills. I don’t know but there are news that Banaue rice terraces today are not that beautiful compare from 20 years ago reason is some people in the area are building houses near Banaue rice terraces.

Chocolate Hills is located in Bohol. Whenever your in Boholyou might want to check Chocolate hills. Its called chocolate hills it Is because of the shape of the hills its like a chocate candy and there are many of them.

Boracay – is consider tobe the number one most visited and most white sand Islandbeach in the Philippines. Boracay attracts hundreds of thousands of national and international tourist every year. With its magnificent sunset and white sand beach once you been boracay you want to go back in Boracay.

 Mt.Apo in Davao is the most highest mountain in the Philippines.

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