Bukisa: One Simple Strategy For Increasing Earnings - The Power of Teamwork

Aug 15th, 2010
Bukisa is a powerful platform for online earnings. Here is one simple strategy that will increase those earnings. The potential is limitless and the tips will earn you money for a lifetime. Read on for five minutes and unlock the secrets of the Bukisa network.

The power of Bukisa is not just in the writing, although that is crucial, but also in building your network or your team. People are joining Bukisa every day but many more are writing for Hubpages and Squidoo, AC and Triond and have never heard about it. There are many on Facebook and Twitter who would love to earn some extra money. Bukisa is their answer. It has excellent pay levels but limited social networking so here is the strategy - build your own network!!

Every Bukisa member has a referral URL mine is http://www.bukisa.com/join/8820. You will find it on your "dashboard". The lower the number, the longer the person has belonged and they will have more experience. Your dashboard will tell you when someone: "....is now a network connection" - someone new has joined your team!!

Make sure that all those who sign up get an introductory email from you within 24 hours. This will say hello and offer them the sort of support that they would get on some writing sites. The main support you can give is your email address for questions and queries, facebook address for IM (instant messaging) and, of course, the offer of help with promoting their articles.

This is hard work but the rewards are there. Bukisa pays you 25% of your team's earnings (NB Bukisa pays - all your help is free to your team!!), it pays 25% of 25% of your team's team and 25% of 25% of 25% of your team's team's team!!! After a year of building the team you can be earning from all sides.

So, how can you build this team?

Firstly, join my team http://www.bukisa.com/join/8820
Secondly, read the follow up on Building your network

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