Sexiest Korean Girl Bands

Jul 25th, 2010
A short list of the cutest and sexiest girl groups / bands from Korea!

Here is a brief list of the most popular Girl groups in south Korea right now. Each group has won many awards and taken Asia by storm. If we are lucky here in USA they will all be making their USA debuts soon! The Wonder Girls have already started touring in the USA.  Some of the other groups have made lots of fans in China and Japan already! Lot's of Korean artists are now recording Japanese versions just because their fan base is so huge. The international Music industry is now in love with Korean Music. 

For the Actual list of all girl groups and girl kpop artists please visit our Sexy Kpop Girl List

Here are some of the kpop groups on the list. 


The Wonder Girls are the most popular Korean girl group and has taken the world by storm. They are touring the USA this year and are amoung the cutest Korean girl bands out there. Wondergirls have the best group sound compared to some other kpop groups. 


SNSD or " Girls Generation " is the cutest 9 girl kpop group! They sing songs that are very catchy and enjoyable. All there members are very young and cute. 


4minute is another unique korean girl band. They have a hip hop sound to them and they do a lot of features with other Similar korean boy bands by the same label.


f(x) Is a new upcoming korean girl band that has a unique sound to it due to its unique members! Love their attitudes. I hope you enjoy their  Chocolate love video found by clicking through their picture.

Miss A

 Miss A has the sexiest korean music video ever titled " Bad girl, Good girl "   You can watch the video by clicking on their picture.

Kara   Is the sexiest Girl Group from South Korea. They are a 5 member girl group, with great sound, great dance moves and a lot of energy but not overly girly. They are much more mature then some of the other groups! 

Enjoy all the music these girls produce here

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other groups 

Sistar Fan Page

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