The myth about colds...

Feb 4th, 2009
It has come to my attention that many people misunderstand what a cold is and how to treat one!!

I have been reading another of my sites and to my amazement, people were angry at their doctors for not prescribing anti-biotics for a cold or flu!  This made me realize that the knowledge I assumed was common is in fact something that needs to be shared:

A cold is a virus, so there is nothing the doctor can give you. Antibiotics kill bacteria, you don’t have bacteria, you have a virus. Believe me, doctors prescribe too often, so it there were something they could legitimately give you, they would. They get kickbacks.

The only thing that works for me with a cold (and I have been cold-free now for 12 years) is the day you feel it coming on, take 1000mg of vitamin C immediately and then 500mg every hour until bed. The next day, you’ll feel fine, but take 1000mg three times that day as well to help…then just a 1000mg each day for a few days. Vitamin C naturally and safely protects your white blood cells, so they become a fierce army against the virus.

The body can only absorb so much vitamin C, so you can’t OD on it. I don’t take any on a regular basis, only when I need it, and it works every time!!

Enjoy :)

Molly Craycroft
Molly has been to 32 countries and 49 of the United States.  Her travels have led her through Europe, the Baltics, Central and South America as well as all over North America. She has driven, cruised, flown and walked over much of the world. These are…
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