2009 International Colored Gemstone Association Congress: Panyu, China

Jun 9th, 2010
The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) chose Panyu, China as the locale for their 2009 Congress. The non-profit’s purpose is to support the international gemstone industry.

The bi-annual ICA Congress focuses on the promotion of colored gemstones within the consumer market, ethics concerning gemstone mining and socialization amongst the gemstone community. Panyu held the 2009 Congress to exhibit greater efforts to increase its jewelry industry, particularly concerning colored gems. There were 12 presentations during the event. The topics of interest included accreditation in gemstone testing, boosting Chinese merchandise sales, sales targeting of particular colored stones, the focus of colored jewelry in China and new developments at the Gemological Institute of America. Members include businesses that primarily focus on the colored gemstone industry such as miners, cutters and wholesalers, gemologists and finally, curators. There is also a junior membership category for those just starting their career in the industry, typically inclusive of people under 30 years old.

As always, the traditional International Poster Competition entries were on display. Twenty different countries submitted posters for the 2009 Congress; the entry total came to 106. First prize was awarded to Jain Aakriti of India. The poster, All About Colored Gemstone, features a close up of a human eye. The photo is black and white while the iris of the eye depicts an array of brilliant color. Second prize went to Guan Jiawei of China. Her entry, Go Color Go China, shows a Chinese dragon fading into the background while the foreground is a pagoda of gleaming gems in every shape, color and size. Maria Luisa R. Cruz of Thailand took third prize with World of Colors, a depiction of the flags of ten nations shaped as reached out hands and forming a circle. In the center of the circle lies a pale yellow pearl. Multiple colored gems surround the depiction, along with text. There were many exquisite entries in this event. This competition has been going strong since 2001. It allows designers and artists to use a combination of colored gemstones and other influential items to create an expression meant to be understood across the languages.  

Overall, the 2009 Congress was a success with nearly one thousand attendees. China is lagging when it comes to colored gemstone jewelry, so the ICA is hoping that the efforts laid out during the 2009 Congress will help the colored gemstone industry pick up in an otherwise favorable jewelry market.  

January Fry
January Fry is a freelance writer living in Northern Illinois. She began writing for online publications in 2009. As the President of a small plastering company, Fry is able to maintain an edge in writing articles pertaining to small business management,…
January Fry
January Fry is a freelance writer living in Northern Illinois. She focuses on composing high caliber articles.
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