Wave Of Socio-Economy

Apr 5th, 2010
One is started own profession owing to existing socio-economy situation,but maximum people do not think the potentiality of social-systems for keeping every one or maximum personality,dignity or pravecy.Detect of potentiality of social systems for establish the humanity,justice and liberty among maximum people is called seer and implementing it practically is called leader.

State of mind wave towards existing governance laws, custom & ethic for run the society as well as self is an evolutionary conception, whatever potentiality  these social concepts may have to establishment the justice, humanity and equality in every field of society for best progressive becoming  both individually and collectively. Evolution of arisen of consciousness in mind is evolution of refine human civilization. Refine human civilization means how much repulsion intelligence & foolishness hindering for uplift of world wide individual & collective exaltation of lives. That means attraction intelligence plays is to find out & highlights the repulsion intelligence & foolishness act in every field of society such as education, social custom, ethic, country wise laws, profession, distribution, welfare, duty & right by active participation & deeds, which draws a socio-economy balance among world people.

                            “Existence, consciousness, mind, knowledge, intelligence & natural resources are given by providence for leading lives for exaltation. Knowledge is scatter or compacted in every substance of universe, and consciousness role is to acquire it. Knowledge is required for uphold of existence. Though every one having consciousness, some are knowledgiest, and others are ignorant. But implementation of knowledge is intelligence.Itelligence has two aspects, one is attraction other is repulsion. Repulsion intelligence is colouring of complexes, means play of animosity. Wipe out of animosity acts from every field of word wide society is called reformation. It stands for justice, humanity, liberty & distinctiveness. Social systems (governance systems, customs, ethics etc) are being framed by the help of intelligence. How much attraction intelligence is being put in world wide social systems is the scale of potentiality to keep equality & freedom in human stake. But attraction intelligence is depending upon how much consciousness arisen in mind. Arising of consciousness depends upon how much adherence to Prophet or Incarnation or Guru of own community perpetually. Prophet of each community is seer of perpetual, eternal & invariable truth of life for happy being & becoming individually & collectively. This is the natural law acts within man

                                                        Therefore interdependent trade , commerce & public banking  system should be implemented form root level people to international level connecting to area wise natural resources ,and develop  more & more single & cooperative entrepreneurs by improving general public managing leadership potentiality with the help of  perpetual leadership  for decentralize the economical system which will control the inflammation ,unemployment, monopoly of social systems by implementing  homage system in every field of society for amuse the  real democracy  from rural to urban & fulfill the purpose of life. 

madhu  sudana parida
Author’s biography- Name -Madhu Sudana Parida,S/O- Late –Sj. Nitya Nanda Parida,citizen of India, birth place:- At/Po- Udayapur, Dist-Keonjhar,State –Orissa,Pin-758045,(currently residing- At/po- Bileipada,Dist-Keonjhar,orissa,758038), date of…
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