Playwright Celtic Pub and Restaurant, New York City

Mar 7th, 2010
Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or any day of the year, Playwright Celtic Pub is one of New York City's hotspots. Good food, fun atmosphere and friendly servers. Playwright Celtic Pub should be on your list of places to go.

If you’re going to be in New York City and looking for a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, then you don’t want to miss Playwright Celtic Pub and Restaurant. This place is always jumping so don’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a fun place any time of the year.

As so many New York establishments, Playwright Celtic Pub is tall and narrow.  On the first floor is the bar and lots of TV’s always broadcasting sporting events.  The second floor also has TV screens but is more of a dining environment.  The third floor is the party room with an outdoor patio overlooking the city.

The staff has always been friendly and lively, they seem to be having just as much fun as anyone, yet at the same time they make you feel as though you have just been welcomed into their home. The décor gives a warm and unassuming feeling where you can shed all the stress of the day and just be yourself.

Whatever your taste, the menu is a varied bill of fare….something for everyone.  For an appetizer you might like Fried Calamari, Vegetable Spring Roll or Smoked Irish Salmon.  As a main course there are the usual burgers and fries for the not so adventurous diners.  But when in Playwright Celtic Pub, consider the Old Fashioned Bangers and Mash or Shepherds Pie.  In fact, they are quite famous for their Shepherds Pie filled with ground beef and vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes.  

The portions are no less than gargantuan, so if you can’t finish your meal they will gladly wrap it to go.  The prices are surprisingly reasonable for a Manhattan eatery.  I hope you enjoy Playwright Celtic Pub as much as I have.
Location 732 8th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets, New York City.

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