How To Say 'Enjoy Your Meal' in 25 Languages

Mar 6th, 2010
If you are a waiter or waitress, you know that building a little rapport and common interest with people you are serving is important. If you can say "Enjoy Your Meal" in their language, it could help at tip time. Here is how to do it.

Rapport, common interest and friendship between servers and customers helps the server become more of a real person rather than just a faceless robot that delivers food.  When customers are able to share a laugh or common interest, it can help servers get better tips for their service after the meal has ended. It is certain be help you open a conversation.  If you have ever traveled to foreign countries, you know that people appreciate when you at least try to learn a few words of their language, even if you don't get it perfect. Your customers will be surprised and pleased that you made the effort to greet them with this simple phrase.  Here is a list of 25 ways to say "Enjoy your meal" that you can use to break the ice with restaurant customers.

25 Ways to say "Enjoy your Meal! "

Guten Appetit!  -  German

Bon Appetit!  -  French

Smaczengo!  -  Polish

Buen Provecho!  -  Spanish

Svadist Khana!   -  Hindi

Velbekomme!  -  Danish

Mani Deuseyo!  -  Korean

Bom Apetite!  - Portuguese

Afiyet Olsun!  - Turkish

An Nyon Nhe!  -  Vietnamese

Noosh-e Jan!  -  Persian

Skanaus!  -  Lithuanian

Prijatnogo Appetita!  - Russian

Smaklig Maltid!  - Swedish

Itadakimasu!  - Japanese

Sikh Faahn! - Cantonese

Tayo'y Magsikain! - Tagalog

Buen Prubechu!  - Chamorro

Vaer Sa God! - Norwegian

B'taya Von! - Hebrew

Buon Appetito!  - Italian

Bon Profit!  - Catalan

Koh Hai Cha-roen Ar-harn!  - Thai

YiSop!   -  Klingon

Hope that helps, not sure if you'll be serving Klingons any time soon, but you never know when it might come in handy!

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