Help me beat the credit crunch and pay my mortgage off

Jan 19th, 2009
Is it possible for bukisa viewers to be able to pay my mortgage off from the revenue I make just from page views? All you need to do to help is to visit this article and you will be helping me pay my mortgage off. Is man kind generous enough to do this for me?

My name is Robert and am 27 and live in the United Kingdom with my longterm girlfriend. We purchased a house 2 years ago with a mortgage of around £120 000.

The idea of this experiment is to see if mankind is generous enough to collectively pay the mortgage off just through reading this article.

For every 1000 page views currently I would generate $3.95. By just simply reading this article you are helping me reach my goal.

Tell your friends and family about this article and see if this experiment is possible to achieve.

A you tube video will be posted and groups will be created on social networking sites to promote the idea.

I will be keeping a blog of events so come back and read my further articles on how this experiment is getting on.

Thanks for your support


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