How to Prepare, Start Writing and Publish a Book

Sep 11th, 2009
rom tips on how to start writing a book to looking for literary agents that will help you publish your work, the article below will serve a guideline for the aspiring author.

Writing a book and having it published is a feat for most people but for those who are gifted in weaving words, it may be just a walk in the park for them. One may have ideas on what to write about but can’t just put in into writing. So how exactly does one write and publish a book?

Write down ideas

You may be walking your way to work one morning when it occurred to you that you want to write a book about your recent trip to Africa. You made a mental note about it yet five minutes later in your office desk, you completely forgot the whole idea of writing the book.

One should always be prepared to write down ideas with a handy piece of paper, PDA or one’s mobile phone perhaps. By writing them down, you won’t have a hard time recalling ideas that sprout out of nowhere from your head.

Do not stop

While writing your book, do not stop and go back to check for errors. Just keep writing, you can correct those errors later. If it’s possible, set yourself a minimum number of words to write down every session. There should be no limits however, but setting a goal will motivate you to move on.

Take your time

When writing a book that does not have a deadline, don’t be in a hurry to finish the manuscript. If you are running out of ideas, then stop writing. Do other things instead. Forget about your work for a while and get back to it when you already have a new and fresh perspective about your work in your head.

Stick to the plot

Sometimes, writers have other ideas for their book that is not related to its plot and theme. If you are one of these writers, stick to your plot and write down your new ideas in a separate file or notebook. Do not directly merge your new plot to your old one. Take the time to dissect your old plot and look for parts where you can incorporate your new ideas.

Always proofread your work

Before submitting one’s work, it is always recommended to proofread it a couple of times. Check for spelling and grammatical errors and also look for parts that may not be necessary in the book’s plot. You can let other people read your work and have them criticize your work from their vantage point. Keep an open mind for feedbacks, may it be positive or negative.

Research different publishers

Although the idea of self publishing is enticing, getting published by big-time publishers will most likely help you sell your book to a larger audience. Once you have decided to publish your book, research for publishers that will cater to the genre of book you are writing. If you have already chosen a publisher, check for their rules, requirements and guidelines. Prepare your synopsis, hard and soft copies as well. You can submit your manuscript to a couple of publishers and all you can do now is to wait for which publisher will call you first.

Look for a literary agent

Nowadays, most publishers do not accept unsolicited work anymore. Literary agents act like a middleman, between you and a publisher. These agents will require you to write a book proposal which may contain a title page, tagline, synopsis, book audience, author biography, manuscript status, book to film ideas, other successful books, book outline and promotion ideas for one’s book.

If you receive a rejection letter, don’t get discouraged. A lot of successful writers today received hundreds of rejection letters first before they got their book published.

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