F2P RuneScape Fishing Location Guide

Jul 31st, 2009
F2P fishing spot locations subdivided according to type of fish caught. Pros and cons of each fishing spot examined, including location of nearest bank. Which spots in F2P RuneScape offer the best RuneScape fishing for each type of fish.

There are four types of fishing spots available where F2P RuneScape players can catch 11 different types of RuneScape Fish. All but one type of fishing spot allows two different methods of fishing. There are cage (crayfish,) net/bait, lure/bait, and cage/harpoon fishing spots in F2P RuneScape. Here is a breakdown of each type of RuneScape fishing spot and the locations of these types of fishing spots.

Cage fishing spot, crayfish (RuneScape Fishing Level 1:) Crayfish are the only fish that can be caught at these fishing spots. A Crayfish cage is needed and takes up one inventory space. No bait is required. Cage Fishing Spots (crayfish) are located at the river on the east side of the Lumbridge church and at the pond north of Lumbridge, west of Farmer Fred’s house.

Net/Bait Fishing Spots, RuneScape Fishing level 1, 5, 10, and 15: RuneScape players using a small net can catch shrimp at level one and both shrimp and anchovies at Level 15. A small fishing net takes up one inventory space and requires no bait. RuneScape players with level 5 fishing can use a fishing rod to bait fish. RuneScape players catch sardines at level five and sardines and herring at level 10 fishing. The fishing rod requires fishing bait, using one fishing bait per successful catch.  Two inventory spots are occupied; carrying 27 fishing bait does not work unless you drop a fish, making it more efficient to catch fish 26 at a time. Net/bait Fishing Spots are found at the following locations in F2P RuneScape:

Draynor Village: There are two net/bait fishing spots within minimap distance of the Draynor bank. The only liability is that there are two level seven dark wizards that attack players who are under level 15 combat.

Al Kharad: There are two net/bait fishing spots within minimap distance of the Al Kharad bank. The only liability is that there is a level 14 scorpion that attacks players with combat level 28 or lower.

Lumbridge Swamp, south of Lumbridge: There are some net/bait fishing spots along the east shore of Lumbridge swamp by the fishing tutor. Although far from a bank, there is a small net respawn here so players making the trip here to grab a small net can fill their inventory on the way out.

Bandit Camp, Wilderness: Although far from a bank, the fishing spot is close to a store that sells an unlimited stock of Pizza base. Players can take the tomato and cheese, buy the pizza base, and cook the anchovies and the pizza on the cooking range inside the store.

Thurgo’s peninsula: There are fishing spots on the western shore of the peninsula south of port sarim. Fishing here is not practical due to the distance from a bank.

Musa Point, Karamja: There are some net/bait fishing spots at Musa Point but again the distance from a bank makes it impractical to use these fishing spots.

Lure/Bait Fishing spots, RuneScape Fishing Level 20, 25, and 30: Using a fly fishing rod and feathers, RuneScape players can lure trout at level 20 and trout and salmon at level 30 fishing. One feather is used per successful catch. At level 25, using a fishing rod and fishing bait allows RuneScape players to catch pike. There are two locations where F2P RuneScape players can lure/bait fish.

Barbarian Village: There are two lure/bait fishing spots along the west side of the river east of Barbarian Village. The Edgeville bank north of the spot is closer than the Varrock bank to the east. This location is best for fishing by players who seek to store the fish in the bank. Sometimes players collect or ask for the free fish powerfishers are discarding.

Lumbridge: There are four lure/bait fishing spots on the east side of the river across from Lumbridge castle, between the two bridges. The nearest bank is in Lumbridge castle, somewhat more a distance then Barbarian Village from Edgeville. Banking also involves climbing two flights of stairs.  There is, however, a nearby general store where the fish can be sold. Selling the fish can offset the cost of the feathers used.

Cage/harpoon Fishing Spots, RuneScape Fishing Level 35, 40, and 50: RuneScape players can use a harpoon to harpoon tuna at level 35, and tuna and swordfish at level 50 fishing. Players can catch lobsters with the cage fishing spot option if there is a lobster pot in the player’s inventory. Cage/harpooning fish requires no fishing bait; however leaving Karamja requires 30 coins fee to use the boat. (See below for ways around this.)

Karamja: There is a small dock where cage/harpoon fishing spots are. To reach Karamja, head south along port sarim and pay 30 coins to sail to Karamja. Follow the path until you can cut through the banana plantation; continuing to follow the path will lead you to an empty dock west of the fishing dock. Karamja is a long distance from the bank but is the only safe F2P location for catching tuna and swordfish. Players who have completed the Lumbridge achievement diary can use the Explorer ring 3 cabbage patch teleport to not only cut travel time but also allow for carrying a fish instead of 30 RuneScape gold for the travel fee. Lumbridge Home Teleport can be used to get around paying the fee also; all other F2P teleports take up inventory space.

Wilderness: There is cage/harpoon fishing around level 36 wilderness. This fishing spot is a little closer to the Bounty Hunter/Wilderness Volcano bank than Karamja is to the Draynor bank. Reverants pose a major problem to players using this fishing spot. Players using this location to obtain food for the wilderness can bring a hatchet and tinderbox and chop a tree southwest of the cage/harpoon spot.

So these are all the fishing spots that are available to F2P RuneScape players.

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