5 Famous Websites – Which You Get Paid For Writing Articles Easily

Jun 23rd, 2009
There are many websites where you can post your articles and earn money from them. Here are the five fantastic and best websites where you can earn money by submitting articles to them.

You can write articles on topics of your interest and you are familiar with and if you are going to write on topics which you are unfamiliar with you need to do a little bit of research. Most important thing in writing articles is your content should be original and sentences should be grammatically correct. Here are the five fantastic and best websites where you can earn money by submitting articles to them.

Associated Content

On Associated Content, you can enter text, audio, video or images on any topic, or you can submit based on the Calls for Content, a list of topic ideas that you can claim.  You can earn money ranging from $1.50 to $2.50 for every thousand page views of your article.

Associated Content is the only paid-to-write website that offers upfront payment - this means that you'll get paid a fixed price (between $3 and $50) for your article, rather than earning royalties every month. You then get paid through up-front payments and performance payments. But in this case, upfront payment is only available to US residents, but performance payment is available to both US residents and international members. Payment is made via PayPal. Minimum payment is $10.


Triond is a revenue sharing site that pays you to submit content. Triond is a great website, where you can submit text, images, videos, and audio. You can post your articles by registering to this site and you will get 50% revenues generated from by advertisements that appear on the pages alongside your articles. Payment is made via PayPal, Western Union money transfer, or check. Minimum payout for Payment is $0.50 and $50.00 for Check. Payment is made on 15th of every month. The more your articles get viewed, the more money you make. Triond is a great resource for starting Photographers, Writers and Producers.


This is another good website for writers to earn money. On this site you earn multiple streams of income through writing how to articles, posting pictures, video, and audio. Bukisa has a Bukisa index, for example if the index is set at $4.00 you will receive $4.00 for every 1000 unique visitors for your publications. Payments are sent out once a month via pay pal. There is a $50.00 payment threshold once your threshold is reached payments are sent out at the end of the month.

You also get paid for published content of your friends 3 levels deep. If you sign up other writers under you, they pay you a percentage of their content as well. You can also make money off of video’s you publish as well. If you like to speak you can post audio messages as well and generate revenues from you audio messages also.


Ehow is a great website if you want to earn more for your articles. Ehow only accept "how to" articles. They will not accept poetry, literature, personal experiences, or general articles. One thing that is great about Ehow is that the traffic is high. It always come up high on google search. This will ensure that you'll always get traffic to your articles.

Ehow only pays residual and there's no upfront payment. You get pay when someone clicks on your ads. If you only have a few articles then it's hard to make any money with them. If you have a lot of articles then you can make a high revenue on Ehow. You can also promote your content through social networks.  The editors there are strict and they do check your articles. You can earn anywhere from $100-$300 onEhow. It'll depends on how many articles you have. But it is only for US writers.


Helium is another website, and it's system is entirely different from the above websites.  Helium is connected with major publishing companies, which will pick out writers and offer them jobs. Payment is made via paypal.

Helium offers an environment where you have to compete with other writers in order to get the most viewership. You chose a topic from a database to write about. The article will be compared to other articles with the same title by other Helium users, and you will get a rank. The top ranks will receive more attention therefore more money. You have to submit at least 5 articles to start earning, and you will need to continuously improve your writing skills in order to fight off competition.

So these are the best websites to get start to improve your writing skills and also earn money online. What are you waiting for?

Best wishes to all…

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