Know Your Limits and Save Your Life!

Dec 1st, 2008
When it comes to depression and bipolar disorder, sometimes knowing more about yourself can save your life.

Anyone suffering from bipolar disorder knows life is all about limits. Bipolar disorder takes a toll on sufferers both mentally and physically. We, as a group, must know what our limits are and save ourselves from breaking down.

The manic and depressive episodes that are common to bipolar disorder can kill. Yes, kill! A bipolar can move from happy and smiling to suicidal in a matter of minutes. The only way we can control these out of control feelings is to make sure we know ourselves.


Know how much you can take of any stressful situation and set a limit. Recognize the symptoms you exhibit when you are nearing your breaking point and when those symptoms arise, walk away. No matter where you are, who is talking, or the fact that dinner is going to be late, walk away. We have to take care of our minds first and worry about other peoples feelings last.


For me, money is one heck of a trigger. If I make a little extra money, I will be on cloud nine until that money is gone. Up until recently, I would not even leave the house on paydays for fear of spending all the money we had. Once I recognized this trigger, I just gathered myself and waited a week after payday before I grocery shop. That way, I am over the buzz of having extra funds and I simply resort to shopping for what I need.

Living drug free with bipolar disorder is hard. It is a daily battle that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Smile more, laugh heartily and take care of YOU first!

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