About Bukisa

BUKISA is a one stop shop for how-to, informational & educational content. We are both an aggregator and a UGC website. We provide content in the form of articles, videos, presentations, audio recordings and image slideshows.

Bukisa.com was developed by Webika Ltd.

Webika specializes in user generated content web projects and includes the founders of the popular articles directory www.articlesbase.com

Did you know that “Bukisa” is the Zulu word for “Display”?

The BUKISA vision is to maximize knowledge sharing experiences and to introduce contributors to a better and more fun-filled way to share their knowledge online.

One of the important aspects of the BUKISA vision is that it has taken steps to reward those who contribute their knowledge with monetary value. 

Everyone has the ability to contribute knowledge.  Some can write, while others are more technically gifted. Others can contribute to the BUKISA community in other ways, whether it’s by providing videos, podcasts or PowerPoint slides. There are many ways to contribute your knowledge with BUKISA.

BUKISA offers informative and credible information that brings Internet content to a whole new level.

BUKISA is based on the premise that everyone has some sort of valuable knowledge to share with the Internet community.

Anyone who joins the BUKISA community and shares their knowledge is entitled to their share of the profits.

In summary, Bukisa.com gives its members a unique opportunity:

  1. To share knowledge and get paid for providing quality content.
  2. To build your own online network of friends that can make themselves and you money without having to buy or sell anything to anyone.
  3. Gives you or your company, not just fantastic exposure on the web, but actually helps you build your brand into an online presence with linking.